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Foreign Student Assistance

Academic Assistance

Japanese Classes
TUIS offers “Japanese I~IV,” “Comprehensive Japanese Seminar,” and other courses for foreign students to help improve their Japanese language skill so that they can actively pursue their education at TUIS.

Japanese/Communication Scuola
“Scuola” is Italian for “school.” The TUIS Scuolas offer classes to help students successfully pass various exams for qualifications and certifications.
The Japanese/Communication Scuola was created for foreign students to help them improve their Japanese language and communication skills and to obtain Japanese-language qualifications while they are at the university.

Support Services for Foreign Students

TUIS provides a wide array of services to ensure that foreign students have a smooth adjustment to life on campus and in Japan. We also carry out many exchange activities to foster ties between the students and their neighbors in the university community and in the broader Chiba community.
Housing Assistance
In addition to helping foreign students find apartments if they so wish, the university has a system for serving as the guarantor once a designated realtor has found an apartment for them.

Visa Assistance
TUIS provides counseling with regard to foreign student visas, distribute applications for a permit to engage in activities outside the limits of the visa, provide information on scholarships, and arrange for the acceptance of scholarships.

Foreign Student Orientation
n order to ensure a smooth start to our foreign students’ lives on campus, the university holds orientations in March, prior to the start of the school year, and in April, after school starts, to provide information on the assistance available to them: study assistance, advice on applying for scholarships, advice on daily life, and so on.

Welcome Party
A welcome party is held to deepen the ties between foreign students and the faculty.

Intercultural Exchange
Various activities are held to contribute to exchanges with the community surrounding the university, such as having students serve as “teacher for a day” at a local elementary school and as “Chiba coordinators for international relations.”

Bus Tour for Foreign Students
To introduce students to Japanese culture, a bus tour is offered that visits famous and historic sites in the Kanto region.

Association to Promote Exchanges with Foreign Students
The Association to Promote Exchanges with Foreign Students is a group of people from the university community who carry out activities to support foreign students enrolled at TUIS. They offer instruction in traditional Japanese culture such as the tea ceremony and flower arrangement, sponsor Japanese speech contests, hold Christmas parties, and so on.

Campus Calendar

Month Undergraduate
Graduate School
April Entrance ceremony Orientation
Health exam
Freshman camp
Classes begin
Consultations on grades
Course registration period
Entrance ceremony Orientation (all 1st-year students)
Regular health exam
Classes begin
Deadline to sign up for classes & submit master’s thesis plan (1st term)
May Course registration period
June Deadline to submit dissertation summary (3rd year PhD students)
July 1st semester final exams Presentation of dissertation summary (3rd year PhD students)
Summer vacation
August Summer vacation
1st semester supplementary final exams
September Classes resume (start of 2nd semester)
September graduation
Classes resume
September completion
October 2nd semester revisions to course registration
Confirmation of course registration
University festival (Shofusai)
University festival (Shofusai)
November Presentation of thesis (3rd year PhD students)
December Submission period begins for graduate thesis topics (juniors)
Winter vacation
Anniversary for the founding of graduate school
January Classes resume
Final exams
Classes resume
Deadline for submission of doctoral dissertation (3rd year PhD students)
Deadline for submission of master’s thesis (2nd year master’s students)
Deadline for submission of doctoral dissertation proposal (1st year PhD students)
Deadline for research progress report (2nd year PhD students)
February Supplementary final exams
Make-up exams
Thesis proposal defense (1st year PhD students)
Research progress report review (2nd year PhD students)
Oral presentation of thesis (2nd year master’s students)
March Founder’s Day
Announcement of graduates/ announcement of students promoted to junior/senior
Founder’s Day
Announcement of those completing studies
Commencement ceremony