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Faculty of Nursing

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Three Core Competencies for Tenacious Nursing

The aim of this faculty is to develop human resources who can contribute to regional healthcare and become responsible for the comprehensive healthcare system, and also bridge health, medical care and welfare, while appropriately utilizing ICT.Also, it is to pave the way for students’ future careers and contribute to the development of academics related to healthcare information. Therefore, the keyword of our faculty is “Self-reliance” and “Co-creation” based on our educational principle, “Modern Practical Sciences”. This faculty provides education that fuses “Nursing” and “Informatics” and that centered on three core competencies: “ability to learn from practice”, “basic abilities required for professionals” and “ability to utilize ICT”.

Ability to learn from practice

Learn to go above and beyond by participating in nursing activities and working in progressive community care.

Basic abilities required for professionals

We teach people to become better workers by carefully considering any questions they may have, moving forward, staying tenacious, and building cooperation with others.

Ability to utilize ICT

We train nurses who will be able to provide community care/treatment and support by being able to search for necessary information purposefully, think dispassionately, make decisions, and report well to others.